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  • image of staff member Donna
    CCCA Donna Marks

    I started chiropractic care in 1980. In the winter of 1994, I fell and, as a result, had 2 bulging discs at L4-L5. Surgery was suggested but that was not the route I wanted to take. The chiropractor I was seeing in Asheville at that time was not making progress with my condition but told me to “keep the faith”. So I decided to request my records and search for a new chiropractor. This led me to Comprehensive Chiropractic. Once I met Dr. Randall, I knew I had found my “home”. That was in 1996. I have been a patient ever since

    I started working part-time in the office in October 2006. I love working with Dr. Randall and Vicki. They are a great team and love their patients. Dr. Randall is a very positive person and I always leave feeling better both physically and mentally

  • image of staff member Vicki Randall
    CCCA Vicki Randall

    I have enjoyed working with my husband, Dr. Eric for the past 18 years! I have always done the 'behind the scene' tasks like insurance billing and marketing. This year I began additionally working at the front desk reception desk and with our patients. As a child my father worked hard manual labor and often had a sore low back. He would visit his chiropractor on Saturday morning and return to work the following Monday. He did this throughout his entire work life. I personally suffered reoccuring headaches which required medication. After my first adjustment from my future husband, the headaches started to disappear! I soon realized I better marry this man

    We are truly a 'family practice' treating several generations. Additionally, our daughters are also trained to assist in the office. Our family would love the opportunity to treat your family!

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