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Graduation 2023

Comprehensive Chiropractic and Functional Medicine is a family owned practice that has been serving the area of Asheville for 33+ years. Our practice is referral driven, so we run a very “open” office. By this, I mean we value your opinion and want to hear what you think, no matter what it is. If you like something – tell us so we can do more of it, and if you don’t like something – tell us that too. We strive to make each patient feel comfortable and welcome from the moment they walk through our door. 

We want you to feel better and reach your goals as fast as humanly possible – for the least cost. We want to make sure you get out of pain and stay that way for the longest time possible. This means we will give you the best recommendation and treatment plan we feel will do that. Your treatment plan will be personalized for you. You are an individual and so is your treatment plan and the way we approach it. 

Dr. Hailey has joined the practice and brings expertise in functional medicine. She wants to help people with chronic diseases such as diabetes, weight gain, IBS, fatigue, menopause, infertility, and so much more discover the upstream cause of those conditions and create a protocol for you to heal and reverse those chronic conditions. Dr. Hailey provides a variety of comprehensive testing, consultations, and uses supplements, botanicals, lifestyle and diet modifications to get you the quickest and most effective outcome!

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