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Comprehensive Chiropractic

Dr. Eric J. Randall




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Neck Pain

Because of the severe pain in my neck and shoulders I couldn't turn my head at all! I was taking lots of pain medication including cortizone shots and vicodin. I even gave physical therapy a try with little success. Dr. Randall encouraged me to have a positive attitude and assured me that he could fix my problem. Within 3 days of treating with Dr. Randall my pain was almost totally gone and I could turn my head farther to the right. To anyone who is sick or suffering from pain, I recommend coming to Dr. Randall before you go to a regular M.D. they only hide the pain with medication. I feel like a different person and I love being able to function fully!

B. Kisselburg


I had extreme neck pain and shoulder pain for about 6 to 8 months. I was treating with another chiropractor but his adjustments gave me no relief therefore I decided to try Dr. Randall's adjustments and they worked! In about 4 weeks in to my treatment, I was feeling fantastic! I am convinced now that chiropractic works!

S. McFee


I had gone to another chiropractor but the results didn't last very long. I needed relief from my neck and shoulders pain. I didn't want to take any medication for it so I decided to get a second opinion and try someone new. I was a little pessimistic because chiropractic had not helped in the past but the truth is Dr. Randall knows his stuff!! He showed me how to do neck exercises (which no one had shown me before) and he adjusted me which helped me feel much better. I know continue to get regular adjustments as part of my wellness program. I feel very strongly about chiropractic adjustments because you get immediate results in a lot of cases, especially mine, an dit doesn't involve surgery or medications! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

S. Parks


I have suffered with severe headaches, neck pain and sinus pressure for about 1 year! I would take about 2-4 tylenols a day. I tried multiple prescription nasal steroids and saw several specialists. Dr. Randall recommended regular chiropractic adjustments and exercise. A month in to my treatment with Dr. Randall the sinus pressure and pain is almost gone and my headaches have improved greatly! I am grateful for Dr. Randall and his staff because I don't have to take medication anymore!

K. Webb

My major complaints were headaches and dizzy spells when moving my head that would cause me to black out! This lasted for about a month and ibuprofen was not helping, seemed like we had tried everything! I will admit I had my doubts if chiropractic would help because we werent really sure what the problem was. Dr. Randall helped educate me about head movements and treated me with regular adjustments followed by regular exercise. As far as I am concerned I felt completely healed! I have told many others about my success with chiropractic treatment!

P. Fair

I am a firm believer in Chiropractic care, let me tell you why! I have had to deal with migraines that would last between 1-3 days which were very severe. I had been to several doctors including my M.D., the neurologist and the emergency room but all these offered me temporary relief. I wanted to try chiropractic because nothing else was giving me the long term relief that I needed and wanted! From the first visit, I felt relief. Dr. Randall and his staff are so helpful! My headaches are gone. I've only had 2 headaches in 4 months compared to my usual 2 a month that would last days. I can't live without chiropractic care! 

K. Roche


Back Pain

I started chiropractic care in 1980. When I moved back to Asheville I went through three chiropractors before I found Dr. Eric "Doc". I had fallen in the winter of 1994-95 and as a result had 2 bulging discs at L4-L5. The neurologist suggested surgery-of course but I wasnt having any part of that! The chiropractor I was going to at the time was not adjusting me well for that condition. My back "locked up" in the office after an adjustment- I couldnt stand completely up and was told "keep the faith". Needless to say I got my records and went on a search!

I decided to check out Comprehensive Chiropractic.  I went in expecting to talk to the receptionist BUT Dr. Randall came out to the front. He answered all my questions and was very professional but friendly. My back "locked up" on one of my visits to Dr. Eric. I could hardly move! His assistant went and let him know but instead of making me go in to the adjusting room he came out to me! He came in to the treatment room I was in and adjusted me right then and there! I was standing straight and walking straight after that! Dr. Eric is very positive and he goes the extra mile for all of his patients. Dr. Randall has kept me out of the hospital all these years!!

D.Marks-Loyal patient since 1996


I went to Dr. Randall for back spasms and sharp hip pain. It was a sharp pain when twisting and getting up from sitting. I thought that just taking Ibuprophen and resting would help but it didn't. I had tried chiropractic care about 5 years ago so I decided to give it another try. Dr. Randall helped me by treating me with regular adjustments, electric muscle stimulation therapy and ultrasound therapy. The pain was relieved substantially by the third visit. I was completely pain free in my back by the second week of treatment! 

D. Parlier



My quiality of life has greatly improved thanks to Dr. Randall! I had been suffering for 10 YEARS from numbness in my hands and my legs, which made it very difficult to sleep. I was taking 6 to 10 Tylenol every day for pain in my lower back as well. My first impression of Dr. Randall was that he made me feel very comfortable and confident. The results from his treatment were very successful because the numbness in my hands and legs went away! I am now able to sleep better and work better! Thanks Dr. Randall!!

L. Bishop

For almost 2 years I suffered from pain in my shoulders, lower back, knees, legs and feet. The pain and discomfort was so severe that I was thinking of surgery! I had tried therapy and lots of medication with little to no results. Thanks to Dr. Randall and his excellent advice, I can now walk without pain and I have said NO TO SURGERY! 

M. Rollins

Lower back pain

For five years I couldn't walk, sit stand or drive comfortably. I went to an orthopetic specialist who only recommend physical therapy. The pain in my lower back was severe that I even doubted that chiropractic could help. But Dr. Randall put me on a treatment plan that included regular adjustments three times a week for about four to six weeks. By the second week of treatment I could sit, stand and drive a whole lot better!! I would strongly recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is sick and suffering from lower back pain. The bad thing that I did was thinking that I was always going to have pain in my back so I learned to live with it but now I know I don't have to!

L. Smith 

Chiropractic ranks with all other medical professions and as solid! It really is great! Every day I would experience lower back pain, swollen knees and feet. I could hardly walk! But thanks to Dr. Randall and his adjustments and therapy I am feeling much better and I am very well satisfied!

B. Segle 

Auto Accidents

Chiropractic is the best way to maintain your spinal health! So when I was injured in an car accident I knew I had to see a chiropractor. I was experiencing very severe lower back and neck pain. With chiropractic treatment I received the relief I was looking for! 

G. Lewis

I suffered from severe neck, shoulder and upper back pain that were a result of an auto accident. Dr. Randall straightened out all the problems I had. So I would recommend all those who have been a car accident to first, go to a chiropractor, unless you are bleeding all over the place! 

H. Budden

I am very happy that I sought out chiropractic care. The results in 6 weeks have been wonderful! I was in a car accident which lead to pain in my lower back and headaches. I had difficulty sleeping and working. Dr. Randall helped with regular adjustments but also some exercises that really helped! My recommendation to those who have been in a car accident, seek chiropractic care but in particular Comprehensive Chiropractic with Dr. Randall!

D. Miles

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